Saturday, September 29, 2012


Im so's test week, so the emptiness will continue.....ciao

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Just did a order from HM....I think that it might be that something is going to get returned cause I really do not need all of that...I mean I have clothes...but yeah I will see then!

The Big Bang

Have now been two days at home....sick...awesome! So have not really had hmm strength to take the pics of the clothing from London, but tomorrow it's back to school so TOMORROW I promise you....

Thursday, September 13, 2012


Tomorrow my plans are sweeeeeeeet! Girls evening/night aka feist hos Fredd with my girls! Oooooh it is going to me so fab...(fab?? wtf? :D) but yeah going to take my cam with me so you will get pics later! So fun to finally be just us girls....btw going to put the shoppings from london here on Saturday cause it got so dark when I finally started taking pics of them, that the pics are really bad soo.....until tomorrow then!

Really old pic....I should really were the USA knit again!

The last part with London pics

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Help I need somebody help

I really really need your help now! I mean comment please on this post! Witch dress should I buy? The other one is really simple and I would buy some diamond stuff to go with it but I want the other one more!...but I'm a bit concurred that it will be tooooooo much!!!!! Help....and yeah it is for my gammeldans thing in school in February

London part 3

My superhuman

what on earth would I do without her?

Monday, September 10, 2012

London part 2

Me wantie

hih although my friends have been saying me the whole day to post pics of my london shopping I aint going to do that...hahahah hope you can wait for tomorrow (cassu :DD) but yeah I hope I get my Iphone this week so I can order these beauty's! from society6

I'm back with London pics part 1

Sunday, September 2, 2012


so on Tuesday I'm of.....yeeeaaaahhhh! Going to bee great but I am not going to blog while I'm there...maybee from my mums phone if I am able to but you people can follow me on instagram. My name is empspemps and going to upload pics there! ooooh I'm so excited

the two latest pics from my instagram! Hope you follow me


Hah yeah the text in the headline is what I'm doing at the moment..they are sosososo cute at the program..and good to! But yeah I got a comment that people want to see what I've bought in clothing way...but sadly I need to tell you that I'm doing it a bit sooner cause I've got so little time today and tomorrow..sorry for that guys! Here is some pics from the last Kattanfest I was on on the summer holiday  ...enjoy